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At American Pacific Windows and Construction, we specialize in the installation of the best, highest-quality house windows and doors in California.

99% of our customers, when choosing new windows for their homes, also choose the installation option. Together with the product offer, we present the method of installing them. The window installation method should be planned at the time of their purchase, as it depends on the location of windows, the walls’ thickness and wall structure.

Modern windows can reduce from 20% to 25% of energy losses. However, energy efficiency is not just about the materials used in the windows, but also about their proper installation. Remember that the quality of the installed windows is of great importance. When choosing new windows for your home, you should always select the best possible product so that its parameters are satisfactory in relation to the changing standards. The more modern windows you choose, the further the date of their replacement will be.


However, even the best and most sustainable windows in the world can cause problems if not installed properly. This is why the correct and professional installation has a huge impact on the energy consumption and tightness of the building. Proper window sealing is essential in both old and new buildings.

Home window installation vinyl windows replacement Pleasanton

If you’re looking for professional window installers, who will not only help you choose the right product but will also perform the installation and make sure everything is properly done to your satisfaction, call American Pacific Windows and Construction today! We’ll take care of all of your door and window installation Pleasanton needs and provide you a service unlike any other company in the California Bay Area could.

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