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Professional door installation is essential for optimum product performance. It guarantees the correct operation of all types of doors – external doors, anti-burglary doors or elegant interior doors.

Our company is very serious about our installation services. APW employees are constantly growing and developing their skills and qualifications that they can use in practice. This is why all installation services that we provide are of the highest quality.

Because we know how important proper door installation is, we only hire professionals with extensive work experience, which translates into premium quality of products and services provided. In the interest of customer satisfaction, we only offer authorized installation services.

External doors are one of the first things that anybody sees when they come to your home, they provide security, and therefore must be firmly installed. A professionally carried out installation service is a guarantee that the door to the house or apartment will properly fulfill its function. Improperly performed door installation will prevent even the most complex security system from fulfilling its role. Accurately and professionally installed external doors guarantee thermal and acoustic comfort to the household members and ensure their safety.

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Trust us for your door installation needs, and you will get the most out of your money and time.

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